Dream views in Verdines near Merano

Where rural tradition meets modern lifestyle
Looking for an oasis of well-being where you can enjoy some soothing relaxation? Perhaps surrounded by dreamlike views of unspoilt nature and majestic mountains? Then the Mitterhofer Guesthouse is exactly the right place for you! Why spend your holiday right here with us? Because the Mitterhofer is much more than a guesthouse. It is a unique combination of rural tradition and modernity, of guesthouse and farmhouse. It is a place where nature plays a key role, both around you and in your dishes, made with the freshest ingredients from our organic garden and farm. It is a place where there‘s so much love for beauty, good things, children, animals...

Seven comfortable rooms and five cosy holiday flats with an outstanding panoramic view welcome you at the Mitterhofer Guesthouse in Verdines near Scena. Once outdoors, you can enjoy hiking in untouched nature or strolling through pretty cities such as Merano - the famous spa town that Sissi visited more than once -, just a few minutes away from our guesthouse.

Ready for your next holiday in Scena? We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Mitterhofer Guesthouse in Verdines!

The Kuen family
What makes us special?
People, nature, down-to-earthness...
Come & visit us and see for yourself!

Unique and special...

Fantastic 180° panoramic view

The people behind

The Kuen family
Does a family guesthouse really work? Of course it does! And that’s how:


The handywoman
Since 2019, Franzi has been running the family business. She’s the first contact person for the Mitterhofer guests and makes sure that all their wishes are fulfilled. Franzi takes care of bookings, rooms, breakfast, garden and much more. In the evening, she pampers her guests with delicious dishes and, after dinner, she and her partner Jakob join them for a chat and a digestive grappa.
Hospitality consists in a little fire, a little food, and an immense quiet.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

From farm to guesthouse

A (hi)story that moves
In 1967, at the young age of 20, Alois Kuen - alias Luis - took over his aunt's farmhouse. It was a great challenge to run a farm with no agricultural machines and few cows. In 1972, Luis married his long-time girlfriend Mathilde Mair, and in the following years they had four children: Christian, Ulrich, Petra and Silvia.
In the 1970s, the road that leads to the Mitterhofer was finally completed and a water pipe was installed to irrigate the meadows. In 1976, the barn was extended to make room for 30 cows. Since the couple needed money to finance all the planned construction work, Luis tried to increase the family income by performing with his music band "Die fidelen Etschtaler" and working as a ski instructor. While he was working around, Hilde took care of all the work on the farm.
In the early 80s, renovation work continued - seven new guest rooms were built on the first floor. Business was going well, so in 1985 five more double rooms were built. Hilde looked after the guests around the clock and Luis entertained them with his music when he was not on the road. Besides the guesthouse, in 1999 the farm was also renovated with the construction of a free-stall barn, an automated barn with milking robots and a concentrate feeding system.
In 2005, four double rooms and a holiday flat were built on the first floor and a new wellness area on the ground floor. Between 2006 and 2007, the roof and second floor have been completely demolished in order to extend the building with four holiday apartments and three double rooms. The dining room has been also enlarged internally and externally with a terrace.
In 2012, Christian, Luis and Hilde’s eldest son, has taken over the guesthouse and the farm, relieving his parents of a great responsibility. However, Hilde and Luis still help out diligently, because without them the Mitterhofer won’t be the same.

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